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24th - 28th April 2023

State Level Intercollegiate Fest



  • Vidhirang is a state level fest which was started in the year 2020.

  • As the name suggests VidhiRang is a fest which depicts knowledge and colour, it is fest in which everyone is welcomed to show their talents and colourful parts of their lives.

  • Vidhirang 2020 was a one week event held in the month of February, In spite of being our first event we had more than 120 teams participating in various activities.

  • Vidhirang 2022 was also one week event held in the month of May, the event included almost 250 participants.

  • Vidhirang has been sponsored by more than 30 various entities and they also had an opportunity to set up their stalls in the college campus which benefited by increasing their overall outreach and profit.

  • Vidhirang includes three categories namely Academic, Cultural and Sports.

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