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Early Bird Registration for BGMI (till 26th March): ₹400/- (Per Team)

Entry Fee for BGMI (after 26th March): ₹600/- (Per Team)

Early Bird Registration for VALORANT (till 26th March): ₹800/- (Per Team)

Entry Fee for VALORANT (after 26th March): ₹1000/- (Per Team)

Date: 04th April 2024

Reporting Time: 7:30AM

Competition Time: 8:00AM

Venue: Modern Law College


1. Acceptance of General Rules Each Team Member must agree to these General Rules and the applicable Competition-Specific Rules in order to participate in any Tournament. A Team Member accepts these General Rules or the applicable Competition-Specific Rules by registering to participate in an Official Competition in accordance with the Registration Requirements or by participating in any Tournament.
2. Players
2.1. Player Names Gamer Tags will be selected at the time of registration and may not be changed at any time during the Tournament without the prior written approval of the Tournament Officials. A Gamer Tag may not include any word or phrase in any language that is offensive, toxic or hurtful.

2.2. Registration All players must comply with the Registration Requirements to be eligible to compete in any Tournament.
2.3. Requirements All players must have the latest version of bgmi installed on their device and all the classic maps should be downloaded.
3. Teams
3.1. Roster Requirements
3.1.1. Maximum Roster Requirement. Each Team must maintain, at all times during any Official Competition, exactly four players plus one optional substitute.

3.1.2. Team Captain Each Team must designate one player as its captain when completing the online registration process (“Team Captain”). The Team Captain will be responsible for all Team communications with Tournament Officials. The Tournament Officials may rely upon any communications from the Team Captain as being made by all players on the Team. The Team Captain must at all times be a player on the Team’s roster.
3.2 Team Names and Logos The Team’s name will be selected at the time of registration and may not be changed at any time during the Tournament without the prior written approval of the Tournament Officials. All Team names must be different and unique. Neither a Team’s name nor its logo may include any word or phrase in any language that is offensive, toxic or hurtful.
4. Player Equipment Players may participate in Events only on mobile phone handheld Devices. Players may not use peripheral devices of any kind without Approval of Tournament Officials (including adapters, controllers, Bluetooth keyboards, and mice). Players may not use an emulator to play On a PC or other device that is not a handheld device.
5. Code of Conduct
5.1. Conduct Generally

5.1.1. Competitive Integrity. All Teams and Team Members are expected to compete to the best of Their skill and ability at all times in any Tournament Game.
5.2. Prohibited Conduct Set forth below is a non-exclusive list of examples of prohibited conduct.

5.2.1. Collusion:  Any form of collusion by any Team Members is prohibited. Examples of (A) Any agreement among two or more players or other Team Members not to play to a reasonable standard of competition in a Tournament Game for any reason, including in order to provide any opposing Team or player with certain advantages or benefits. (B) Pre-arranging to split prize money and/or any other form of compensation, except that a Team may arrange for Owners to divide prizes earned by that Team
and pay it to players and others who contributed to the victory. collusion are: (C) Deliberately losing a Tournament Game for compensation, or for any other reason, or attempting to induce another player to do so.
5.2.2. Cheating:  Cheating is prohibited. Any modification of the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA game client by any player, Team or other Team Member is prohibited. The use of any kind of cheating device or cheat program, or any similar cheating method such as signalling devices, and hand signals, etc., shall be deemed cheating. Downloading any cheat program to the device used for Official Competition match is strictly prohibited.
5.2.3. Vulgar or Hateful Speech:  A Team Member may not, during a Online Event, media interview or in any communication relating to any Official Competition or BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, use any language that is offensive, insulting, libelous, slanderous, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, threatening, foul or vulgar. A Team Member may not post, transmit, disseminate any such prohibited communications. A Team Member may not use this type of language on social media or during any public-facing events or in any streaming of BATTLEGROUNDSMOBILE INDIA. This rule applies to speech in English, Hindi and all other languages. In addition, Team Members may not encourage members of the public to engage in any activities that are prohibited by this rule.

6. Scoring System Scoring for each Tournament Game will be based on each Team’s final finish count and in-game placement.

  • Placement Points:

1st - 15
2nd - 12
3rd - 10
4th - 8

5th - 6
6th - 10th - 4
11th - 13th - 2
14th - 16th - 1
17th - 25th - 0
1 kill = 1 point

  • All the team captains should join the BGMI group (link for which will be provided after registration) where the id and password of the custom rooms will be shared few minutes before a match. It is advised for team captains to keep an eye on these groups to avoid missing a match.



  • A player can have only one (1) Valorant account active on their account. Valorant / Riot Id.

  • You are not allowed to share or use another person’s game account. Your account is for your use, and your use alone.


  • Each team’s roster must consist of at least 5 players.

  • Each team’s roster will be allowed to have 5 main players and 1 substitute. Once the tournament starts, you cannot replace any player.

  • A substitute player may only be added before the Tournament Start.

  • This player cannot be part of any other team’s roster which is participating or has participated in the same tournament.

  • Match must be played in the following format: 5v5.

  • A player is allowed to represent only one Team.

  • Player must be a student of Lovely Professional University.


  • Each participant (Player) needs to be of the age of Sixteen (16) or older at the point of the tournament start date.

4.1 MAPS

  • Bind

  • Haven

  • Split

  • Ascent

  • Icebox

  • Breeze

  • Fracture


  • Map: depending which map must be played from the map pool

  • Mode: Standard

  • Options

  • Allow Cheats: Off

  • Tournament Mode: On

  • Overtime: Win by Two: On


  • It is forbidden to cheat, modify the game files, exploit bugs, and/or use any third-party application which would give an unfair advantage against other users.

  • All cheats are completely forbidden to use under any circumstance while playing the tournament Using any cheat will result in bans and disqualifications. This includes, but are not limited to:

- Radar hacks
- Wallhacks
- Speed hacks
- Aim hacks
- Hitbox manipulation
- Teleportation (any kind of teleportation, which is not possible in the game)
- The usage of a bug/bugs to gain an advantage versus your opponents
- If a team uses a player that has an active ban by GLL, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.


Winner: Trophy + Certificate

Runner up: Trophy + Certificate

Participation Certificate will be given to all the participants.

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