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Early Bird Registration (till 26th March): ₹200/-

Entry Fee after 26th March: ₹250/-

Date: 05th April 2024 

Reporting Time: 8:00 AM

Competition Time: 9:00 AM

Venue: Modern Law College  


  1. All the students who are pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from bonafide colleges and universities shall be qualified to participate in the competition.

  2. At most 5 participants can participate in the competition from one college.

  3. Two illegal moves out.

  4. Touch-move rule

  5. Three-fold repetition - Draw

  6. All draws by agreement are prohibited; players may no longer make draw offers or agree to draws.

  7. The one-hand used for moving the piece should also be used to press the chess cloak

  8. ‘Rapid play’ game is one where either all the moves must be made in a fixed time of at least 15 minutes but less than 60 minutes for each player or the time allotted + 60 times any 
    ​the increment is at least 15 minutes, but less than 60 minutes for each player.

  9. Players do not need to record the moves.

  10. Where there is adequate supervision of play, (for example one arbiter for at most three games) the Competition Rules shall apply.

  11. Where supervision is inadequate the Competition Rules shall apply, except where they are overridden by the following Laws of Rapid play:

    1. Once each player has completed three moves, no claim can be made regarding incorrect piece placement, the orientation of the chessboard or clock setting. In the case of the reverse king and queen placement castling with this king is not allowed. 

    2. The arbiter shall make a ruling according to Article 4 (The act of moving the pieces), only if requested to do so by one or both players.

    3. An illegal move is completed once the opponent's clock has been started. The opponent is then entitled to claim that the player completed an illegal move before the claimant has made his move. Only after such a claim, shall the arbiter make a ruling. However, if both Kings are in check or the promotion of a pawn is not completed, the arbiter shall intervene, if possible.

      1. The flag is considered to have fallen when a player has made a valid claim to that effect. The arbiter shall refrain from signaling a flag fall, but he may do so if both flags have fallen.

      2. To claim a win on time, the claimant must stop both clocks and notify the arbiter. 

  12. For the claim to be successful, the claimant’s flag must remain up and the opponent’s flag down after the clocks have been stopped.

  13. If both flags have fallen as described in (1) and (2), the arbiter shall declare the game is drawn.

  14. It is compulsory to carry college ID cards, participants are also required to carry a letter sealed and signed by your respective college mentioning the relevant details of participants. 

  15. Carry a physical copy of registration details with the receipt of payment of registration fees.


Winner: Medal + Certificate

Runner Up: Medal + Certificate

Participation Certificate will be given to all the participants.

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