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Entry Fee: ₹350/- (Per Team)

Date: 17th May 2022

Reporting Time: 7:30 AM

Time: 8:00 AM



  1. Team Rules:

    1. All the students who are pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from bonafide colleges and universities shall be qualified to participate in the competition.

    2. For 7 a side leagues each team may field six outfield players and a goalkeeper on the pitch at any one time with a maximum of 3 substitutes. A game can be started by the referee with a minimum of 6 players, 5 outfield players and a goalkeeper.

    3. Dress Code: Participants can wear their respective college jersey if this is not available then every player must come in white-t shirt only.

    4. Subs can only be made with the referee’s consent. You can only make a sub when the ball is dead. (Free Kick, Penalty, In the area with a keeper or during a substitution already called) Reasonable notice needs to be given to the referee to make the change.

    5. It is compulsory to carry college ID cards, participants are also required to carry a letter sealed and signed by your respective college mentioning the relevant details of participants. 

    6. Carry a physical copy of registration details with the receipt of payment of registration fees.

  2. Playing Rules:

    1. Each kick off will be from the centre spot; the ball is permitted to go backwards or forwards.

    2. It will be a knockout tournament on 17th May

    3. Semi- Final and Final will be played on 18th May. Reporting time will be conveyed to the selected teams on the 17th May 2022.

    4. Knockout matches will have Two Halves

    5. Games time = 20 minutes, divided into halves of 10 minutes each.

    6. Semi-Final & Final match will have Two Halves 

    7. Games time = 40 minutes, divided into Two Halves of 20 minutes each and extra time will be at the discretion of the officials only.

    8. Break between the halves/quarters will be 5 minutes only. Delay of reporting of teams after a call will lead to disqualification.

    9. Players entering their own area to gain an advantage will result in a penalty kick to the opposition. Players entering the opposition area to gain an advantage will result in the Goalkeepers ball.

    10. If the ball leaves the arena from an intentional direct shot or pass a direct free kick will be given. If the ball leaves the arena unintentionally then play will restart from the nearest keeper.

    11. All free kicks are direct and opposition players must be at least two yards from where the free-kick is taken.

    12. Players aren’t permitted to slide or play the ball while the player is on the floor. Also, players are not permitted to play the ball down on one knee.

    13. Denying a goal scoring opportunity will be penalized with a penalty and the guilty player may face further punishment if deemed as serious foul play or violent conduct.

    14. Players may only take one step towards the ball to take a penalty and must be all one movement no stopping or stuttering. If a player fails to do it correctly no retakes will be allowed.

    15. All yellow cards will be punished with a 3-minute sin bin, 2 yellow cards = a red and the player will be permanently sent off.

  3. Goal Keeper Rules:

    1. The ball cannot be played directly back to the goalkeeper after goalkeeper distribution. The ball must touch at least 2 different outfield players before being returned to the goalkeeper. Free Kick 2 yards outside the box will be awarded.

  4. Equipment Rules:

    1. Bladed studs or metal tipped boots are not allowed.

    2. The wearing of any form of jewellery is not permitted during play (watches/Fitbit included).

    3. All players should wear shin pads compulsory to avoid injury - All players play at their own risk.

    4. Sportswear should be worn – Team Kits / Same Colors desired (Strictly no jeans, caps for goalkeeper only)


Winner: Trophy + Certificate

Runner up: Trophy + Certificate

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