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Entry Fees: ₹300/-
Date Of Submission: 02nd April, 2024

Announcement Of Results: 06th April, 2024
Venue: Online


  1. The competition is open to all students pursuing LLM or LLB from a recognized Law College/University. The participant can register individually or in a team of not more than 2 members.

  2. Mode of the Competition: The competition will be conducted in an online medium.

  3. Language: The competition will be conducted in the English language.

  4. Any form of identification mark of the participants is restricted on the Legislative Bill submission.

  5. Submission of the file is to be made in both Doc. or Docx. as well as PDF formats.

  6. Submission made by the participants is to be titled ‘SUBMISSION FOR LEGISLATIVE DRAFTING COMPETITION (Team Code)’, through the submission form, provided below. The mail id for submission of entries is at

  7. Team code will be provided after registration in due time.

  8. 80% similarity of two or more drafts will lead to disqualification of the participants from the competition.

  9. No submissions from the participants will be entertained after the due date.

  10. After the conclusion of the competition, the Organizer holds every right on the draft submitted.



Rights and Protection of Live-in Partners in India.


  • The text must be in Times New Roman with Size 12, line spacing should be set to 1.5, no paragraph spacing with a one-inch margin on each side, and the alignment of the text should be justified.

  • Footnotes must be in Times New Roman, Size 10, with Single Line spacing.

  • Page numbers must be given at the Top Right-Hand Corner.

  • The draft shall not exceed 25 pages (excluding the cover page).

  • The cover page of the submission should include the Long Title of the bill along with the name of the Author(s), with the Author’s designation.

  • The content of the legislation should be original and not plagiarised (15% limit), or there shall be a deduction of 1 mark each for every percent which can lead to disqualification. The decision of the organisers shall be final.


  • The Long Title

  • The Preamble

  • The Enacting Clause

  • The Short Title

  • Extent and Commencement Clause

  • Definitions

  • Procedural Provisions

  • Exceptions and Exemptions Clause

  • Offences

  • Penalties

  • Provisions regarding Delegated Legislation

  • Repealing and Saving Clause (if any)

  • Miscellaneous Provisions

1. (“SECTION” for introducing section and “§” for subsequent mention of section, followed by Arabic numeral)
(1) (Subsection) (Arabic numeral)
(A) (Clause) (Upper-case letter)
(a) (Subclause) (Lower-case letter)

Winner: ₹1500 + Gold Medal + Certificate
Runner up: Silver Medal + Certificate
Participation Certificate for all participants

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