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Entry Fee: ₹100 (per student)
Date: 04th April, 2024
Reporting Time: 8:00 AM
Competition Time: 9:00 AM
Venue: Modern Law College, Pune

1. All the students who are pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from bonafide colleges and universities shall be qualified to participate in the competition.
2. Multiple entries are allowed from the same institution.
3. Team strength: 15 minimum and 30 maximum members
4. Time allotted to each team is 30 – 40 minutes.
5. Topic - The teams have to come up with their own bills for discussion. The teams can take reference of PENDING BILLS ONLY.
6. Parliamentary characters – teams need to assign the characters/role of the parliament.
7. Diversity – team is required to show regional diversity through the means of attire and dialect.
8. Teams are expected to show Parliamentary procedures – Oath Ceremony, Motions, Quorum, Voting, Question Hour, etc.
9. Participating team is required to share the draft of bill with the roles & duties of participants at least 4 days prior to the day of competition via mail id:
10. Judge’s decision will be considered final. Judgement will be done on the basis of attire, dialect, etc.
11. Carry a physical copy of registration details with the receipt of payment of registration fees.
12. The tournament committee makes all final decisions concerning all grievances.
13. It is compulsory to carry college ID cards, participants are also required to carry a letter sealed and signed by your respective college mentioning the relevant details of participants.

Winner: ₹ 3000/- +Trophy + Certificate
Runner Up: ₹ 1500/- + Certificate
Best Parliamentarian: ₹ 700/- + Certificate
Best Member of Ruling Party: ₹ 700/- + Certificate
Best Member of Opposition: ₹ 700/- + Certificate

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