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Entry Fees: ₹200/-
Date: 05th April, 2024
Reporting Time: 9:00 AM
Competition Time: 10:00 AM
Venue: Modern Law College, Pune

1. All the students who are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate from bonafide colleges and universities shall be qualified to participate in the competition in a team of two.
2. There is no restriction on the number of entries from any Law School or University.
3. Multiple participation is allowed from the same institution.

1. The problem for judgement shall be revealed on the day of the competition. The participants are required to write the judgement based on their legal awareness of the topic.
2. The judgement should be handwritten and margin of one inch on all sides.
3. Judgement should be written in ENGLISH Only.
4. WORD LIMIT - 3000 words (including references).
5. End notes may be mentioned.
6. Page numbers MUST be mentioned.
7. The citation methodology to be followed is Standard Indian Legal Citation.
8. The judgement writing shall begin on the second page.
The first page of Judgment must contain the name of competition, team code, Name of the court, Title, Number of the case, date of delivery of Judgment, Nature of the case (Civil, Criminal, Writ) with the signature of the participant(s).
9. Admissibility/Maintainability of Petition/Suit/Appeal.
10. Historical background and due process of Petition/Suit/Appeal.
11. Issues and points to resolve.
12. Framing precise questions on the issues.
13. Reference to precedents and other sources.
14. Verdict on issues framed or points formulated.
15. Decree/ Operative part of Judgment.

Winner: Gold medal+certificate
Participation Certificate to all the participants shall be given

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