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  1. All rules must be read and understood by each & every participant before the competition.

  2. All the students who are pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from bonafide colleges and universities shall be qualified to participate in the competition.

  3. All students shall carry their respective college IDs on the day of competition, failing which their registration will stand cancelled.

  4. Students should refrain from abusive language, obscene display and revealing costumes during the competitions, failing which they will be disqualified.

  5. Smoking, drinking and consumption of any such 'substances' are prohibited.

  6. Participants should go through the event rules and adhere to the specifics.

  7. Carry a physical copy of registration details with the receipt of payment of registration fees.

  8. The judge's decision is final.

  9. The Organizing Committee makes all final decisions concerning all grievances.

  10. Any event receiving less than 2 entries, such an event will be removed from the fest.

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