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Entry Fee: ₹ 300/-  

Date: 27th February 2020  

Reporting Time: 8:00AM  

Time: 9:00AM  

Venue: Modern Law College  



Bifurcation of Qualifying Round   

  • Round 1: Bollywood  

  • Round 2: Sci-tech  

  • Round 3: Web Series/ TV Series  

  • Round 4: Logo Recognition  

  • Round 5: Literature (English and Marathi)  

  • Round 6: Sports  



Bifurcation of final Round  

  • Round 1: Question And Answer round  

  • Round 2: Buzzer Round  

  • Round 3: Audio Round

  • Round 4: Rapid Fire  

  • Round 5: Biding Round/Pictorial Round


  1. Not more than two (2) members in a team.  
  2. Questions shall be in the form of multiple choice and specific answer question etc. (for every round this criteria will vary)  
  3. The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments or any kind of books for reference.  
  4. There will be first QUALIFYING ROUND from which top 5 teams will be selected for FINAL ROUND.  
  5. In case of tie between two or more teams further five questions would be asked for final selection.  
  6. Audience and supporters shall not give any hints or clues to the competitors. If found doing the same would result into disqualification of the concerned team/college.  
  7. Replacement of participant of a team is not allowed after registration.
  8. Further details of the rounds will be revealed/ disclosed before the commencement of the competition.   


Winner: Trophy + Certificate  

Runner up: Trophy + Certificate  

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