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Poster Making

Entry Fee: ₹ 150/-  

Date: 28th February 2020  

Reporting Time: 8:00AM  

Time: 9:00AM  

Venue: Modern Law College  


  • Mission Education (How to make it possible without donation of money)

  • Fighters of Acid Attack (How to stop such attacks/ Solutions)


  1. It is an individual event in which only a single participant allowed to make the poster.  
  2. No other person or companion shall be allowed to help the participant for making the poster. Found doing so will lead to disqualification.  
  3. The organizer will be providing only the blank sheet for the poster making.  
  4. Participant shall bring their own colours, brushes and any other essential materials with them. (Management won’t be providing anything for the same.)  
  5. The time limit for the competitions will be 90 minutes.  
  6. Participants shall be judged on the basis of creativity, innovation and design.  For the safety of the participants, make sure the colours and other material used are non-hazardous. (Management would not be responsible for any kind of mishap to the participant or companion during or after the event.)  
  7. The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments or any kind of books for reference once the competition starts.    


Winner: Medal + Certificate  

Runner up: Medal + Certificate   

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