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Entry Fee: ₹ 150/-  

Date: 25th February 2020  

Reporting Time: 8:00AM  

Time: 9:00AM  

Venue: Modern Law College  


  • In event shooting

    • Law – A Nobel Profession

    • The Spirit of Communication

    • Knowledge is Power

    • A Pen- That’s the true sword

    • Classroom- A true place to create humans not papered grads

    • Improve arguments not voice.

  • Already shot.

    • Landscapes 

    • Nature

    • Wild

    • Abstracts

One photo from each of the category will be selected for judging



  1. Participants are required to confirm their participation either by way of duly filled application forms available on our web portal by scanning the QR code.

  2. One registration shall only consist of one participant. (Without light assistant and other assistive person.)

  3. Acceptance of entries after the due date of registration shall strictly be on the discretion of the management authorities. Management shall not be answerable to any participants in this regard.



  1. Photographs shot shall be exhibited for 2+1 Minutes on the screen before the panel. (1 Min time for questions by judges.

  2. Participants are required to explain intent, objective of the shot and a short description of it within this time.

  3. Participants may explain technical details of the photograph but will not be considered as a parameter for assessing marks.

  4. Participants shall introduce themselves clear and loud with the participation code as provided by the volunteers.

  5. Every participant shall be allowed to exhibit only two photographs out of which one will be shot on the campus during the events (in line with the themes as provided) and one photograph which the photographer has shot at a different location for a different theme earlier.


Legal and Intellectual Property Rights-

  1. Images received for the said competition shall be deemed to have copyright of the author (photographer) only.

  2. Photographs having obscenity, nudity, immoral, unethical, religious, political, social dimensions shall be debarred summarily.

  3. In case of a photograph consisting of any individual; oral consent of the said individual may be taken.


Technical and Equipment

  1. Usage of a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera) is only permitted.

  2. There are no restrictions on range of focal lengths of lenses to be used.

  3. Use of tripod and external flash is permitted excluding premises in which academic competitions are being conducted.

  4. Autofocus beep sounds are to be disabled while shooting in an academic competition room.

  5. Shots taken on full manual mode as per EXIF data will be considered for special appreciation.

  6. Use of Camera shooting modes shall be restricted to following modes of shooting- 

    1. Shutter Priority Mode.

    2. Aperture Priority Mode.

    3. Manual Mode.

  7. Use of any photo editing software (either provided in camera box package or purchased separately) is not allowed. However, settings in relation to White balance, exposure, flash compression, bokeh effects, contrast, brightness, in camera image correction, image stabilisation, vibration reduction, red eye correction etc is allowed.


Winner: Trophy + Certificate

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