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Mad Ad

Entry Fee: ₹ 400/-  

Date: 26th February 2020  

Reporting Time: 09:00AM  

Time: 10:00 AM  

Venue: Modern Law College  


  1. Minimum four and a maximum of five participants per team.  
  2. The product will be disclosed during the event.  
  3. Participants will be given 45mins for preparation.
  4. 5mins for presentation.  
  5. Vulgarity/obscenity/indecency is prohibited. If found would lead to disqualification. And all rights to do so are reserved with the management.  
  6. Criteria for judging – Idea, Humour and Acting.  
  7. Judges decision will be final.  


Winner: Trophy + Certificate  

Runner up: Trophy + Certificate   

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